Saturday, December 9, 2017

House Rules: Burning Situations

In the Burning Codex basic outlines are provided for the types of stories that can be told in Burning Wheel: Quest, Struggle, and Intrigue. In what's more of a thought experiment, I wonder if you can add to the Artha rules via these Situations. This is rough and most definitely not playtested, but if you try these rules and like them please let me know!

If you are the reason why everyone gets lost you get a Fate point.

If you find an object or information of importance but are the reason why the opposition gets it you get a Fate point.

Whenever the group finds an object or a location of great importance the whole group gets a Persona point.

Whenever you act on an idealistic or naïve Belief (and thus rewarded for it) and it screws the whole group you get an additional Fate point.

Whenever you do something that gets someone else injured you get a Fate point.

Whenever the party sacrifices something important for a characters'  ideal they all get a Persona point.

If you get your information from someone at the cost of one of your ideals you get a Fate point.

If you cover up a secret that could harm a fellow Player Character you get a Fate point.

If the group covers up a scandalous incident that they were involved in they get a Persona point.

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