Thursday, November 30, 2017


Over the past few years I've written two blogs, The Kitchen Sink and The School's Trees, which were really good experiences, but for some reason I moved on from them. It probably had to do with the fact that each one expressed something very different for me and when I was done expressing that thing it was time to end the blog.

I'm really hoping this isn't the case for this particular blog, mostly cause I'm tired of doing this over and over again. And why oh why don't I go back to The Kitchen Sink, which was a mishmash blog anyway? I wish I could give you a deep answer about moving on and maturity, but the simple fact is that I got locked out of that Google account while overseas and am tired of trying to get it unlocked so here we are. With a new blog.

What is this blog about? Well, all the things that I love or like. That's a pretty intensive list, but that includes Orthodox theology and iconography, Star Wars, role-playing games, painting, movies, books, pretty much anything that pops into my skull that I want to write about. If you like any of these items or want to be surprised by what I might write about in a given month then please, tag along.

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